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Romantic poetry 

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Rule of Physics
By: Afaf Khalil
Year: 2017

 The lost boat
Has finally found its way 
The wind subsides As remnants
Of a broken ship Shattered j
Around the waves
Of the ocean
As his hands approached,
 Her fragile arms.

Her heartbeats postponed. 
The clock stopped ticking, 
While gravity, 
Suspended their heavenly souls. 
Earth stopped rotating
The moonlight immortalized.
His lips, Crossed the borders, 
Of her tongue. 

For the first time, 
Volcanoes in her body,
And its heat condensed, 
On her cheeks.

Isn't the sweetest feeling, 
Is to be invaded,
By the heart which The soul endures?
"Opposites collide" 
A rule of physics, 
But their love, 
has proven the rule.

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