Afaf Khalil


19 Artworks

Abstract Expressionism
38 Artworks

The artwork of this gallery reflects hidden deep thoughts, and expressions. Many times we find it hard to express how we feel through words of language, until art becomes our personal language. The process of starting any of Afaf’s artwork doesn’t necessarily emerge out of a thought, or a particular concept, rather she creates the painting and demonstrate the relevant concept through the process. Art is a form of a meditation only if we allow our deep self to express itself through the transcend...

Still Life
22 Artworks

26 Artworks

Creative Designs Collection
4 Artworks

This collection contains simple artistic designs. There are inspiring powerful messages within each artwork. Suitable for all occasions and moments of encouragement.

11 Artworks

These are my artwork from 2008-2012

Artist Handcrafted Items
3 Artworks

This page provides assorted hand crafted coffee mugs designed by the artist. Afaf's essential goal is to inspire everyone by creating something unique for them. ENJOY!!! It is also one way of supporting the artist to grow and create more artworks with better quality materials. Feel free to show your support and love for Afaf's art

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