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The Metamorphosis of our Cocoon (by Afaf Khalil)

Added Sep 9, 2018

In all stages of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, we find an outstanding transformation. As it hatches from its egg, its only purpose on this planet is to find food so that it may nourish itself and move onwards to the next level. The creature that once used to crawl on the ground, unappreciated, somehow disgusting and ikky, will eventually transform into a lovable, free flying, beautiful butterfly. Acknowledging that fact makes it easier for any human to understand that almost anything is possible, and attainable. The moment we recognize the power of transformation and evolving, is the moment we open a new vision for ourselves. The journey of a humble caterpillar extending beyond its limits and being a butterfly is a perfect example for us. We all can relate to that story.

When someone tells me that he or she couldn’t change, the first thought that comes into my mind is that this person has absolutely neglected how he/she used to be in cradle one day; helpless, speechless, innocent, and totally ignorant during infancy, yet now they can do unlimited tasks and can speak several languages. They’re unaware that their brain cell can hold as five times as much information as the Encyclopedia Britannica. Only humans have the ability to express themselves through the form of art, and that they have enough potential to do almost anything they please. There are countless number of tasks, emotions, and abilities embedded inside the brain and the rest of the organs that complete the comlex human structure and mind.

While you are reading this, you are also unaware that you’re heart is beating, that you’re inhaling oxygen circulating into your lungs and at the next second you’re exhaling Carbon Dioxide, and that your digestive system is chopping down the food you have recently ate, and not only that, but also breaking it down to minerals, vitamins and other microscopic substances that your body needs to function properly. You and I are totally unaware because we are routinely being distracted by the external world. Even the saliva inside your mouth is no less important of any of what I just mentioned. There are ofcourse much more than that, but even that which we take for granted should always reminds us of how incredible we are.

Whenever you feel down, or have an illusion that you’re unable to change; have another thought.. Listen to your breath, put your beautifully colored soft skinned hand on your chest. There, you’ll feel your heart beating, and telling you “I’m working day and night for your happiness, so please be happy, and thankful that you have me”

Only then, the cocoon inside of you, will hatch into the butterfly of your dreams.

Afaf Khalil Artworks

Added Dec 21, 2015

Afaf Khalil recent artworks (2006-2010) including drawings and painting. A variety of techniques that will provide the viewer with different taste of art.

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