Afaf Khalil


(1990- )
Nationality: us United States

Born and raised in New York City, USA, 1990. Afaf has managed to balance her career (Engineering) and her Art. She is a self-taught artist, a dancer, a singer, a writer, and a poet. She has claimed her Bachelor’s degree in Avionics Technology, in 2014 from Vaughn college of Aeronautics and Technology, NYC.

She is a multidisciplinary person who has succeeded engineering, and currently working the Engineering industry however, it didn't stop her from perusing art. Afaf has a collection of paintings, drawings, fashion design sketches, deigns, poems, writings, calligraphy, recordings of her speeches and songs. Her artworks reflects much of her timeline. Her talent has exploded during her teenage years, as her parents supported her to fulfill her passion for art.

Along the way she started exhibiting in schools, colleges and other public events in her community. She adopted a strong philosophy through art. She has been involved in community work, through mentoring and educating young women and men. She has a commitment in providing an impact on the children and influencing them to become future leaders.

During her academic years, Afaf started working as a teacher assistant and Calculus Tutor at the Academic Resources Center in her college for college students. In 2012, She started tutoring children in the MAS Community Learning Center, NY. Eventually she volunteered in several organizations, as NYC Rescue Mission, which shelters the homeless and provides various services that may enhance their lives. After graduating from college in 2014, she continued to do community services. In 2016, she traveled to Qatar, to explore the rich culture and background of one of the richest countries in the world. There, she devoted time mentoring children and providing them with English skills. When she came back from her trip overseas, she moved to Connecticut to work as an Engineering contractor for Sikorsky Aircraft. she has succeeded in reaching higher potential in her life, by learning new skills.

She has volunteered for New Haven Reads, and displayed her artworks in September 2017 at KOFFEE Cafe in New Haven. in September 2017, she traveled to Berlin, Germany. She experienced the dynamic developing culture. "Despite the pain that the Germans have suffered for years of wars, they managed to breakthrough the crises and overcome their suffering" Afaf states.

Her main goal was to learn a lesson of overcoming hardship by witnessing a living example and interacting with people from that culture. She was selected among many artists to display her artworks all month of February of 2018 at Memorial Library, Orange, CT. Recently she started a new position as creative director for Blended Learning Center, CT. Currently she is launching a leadership course for youngsters, and teenagers. She believes that this course will bring out the best of the younger generation, as she persists to inspire them.

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